Urban Kai – Where Fitness Meets Adventure on the Water

As Armature Works spotlights January as its Month of Wellness, offering more fitness classes and promoting an active lifestyle, Urban Kai stands out as a prime destination for paddleboarding enthusiasts.

Located in The Heights District just outside Armature Works on the Hillsborough River, Urban Kai is a major player in Tampa Bay’s adventure scene. Offering equipment, apparel, training and tours, it’s the perfect launching point for paddleboarders.

Beyond a fitness trend, stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) is an immersive adventure connecting body and nature. Every moment on a paddleboard, from sunsets to sea breezes, etches a restorative experience.

Urban Kai’s charm goes beyond its excursions; it’s embodied by its passionate owners, Michael and Aimee Conlee, fostering a close-knit community fueled by love for fitness and Tampa Bay.

As part of their offerings, Urban Kai hosts a weekly Sunset Paddle Happy Hour, and next month, a Downtown Tampa Paddle Tour on February 25th. Glide along the Hillsborough River, savoring Tampa’s skyline and the scenic Riverwalk, starting from Armature Works and culminating at Tampa Bay.

Fueling fitness journeys and crafting enduring adventures, Urban Kai beckons you to explore the transformative world of stand-up paddleboarding.