From streetcar barn
to mixed-use hub

The building’s function has changed, but its purpose has remained the same: to keep Tampa connected



From the clanging of streetcars to the buzz of a Friday evening happy hour crowd, these exposed brick walls have long been alive with the sounds of Tampa’s hustle and bustle. The Armature Works structure dates back to 1910, when it served as the repair and storage facility for the Tampa Electric Street and Railway Company (formerly known as the Streetcar Barn). As Tampa continued to grow, the barn played an essential role in keeping the streetcars running smoothly, so local residents could easily commute to and from the surrounding neighborhoods.

In 1946, the system was abandoned as more and more local residents traded in their streetcar passes for cars. Tampa Armature Works, a phosphate machinery manufacturer, bought the building from TECO in 1960.

TECO streetcar in barnyard aka Armature Works early 1900's



Armature Works sat vacant for years until developers Chas Bruck and Adam Harden of SoHo Capital bought it with a very specific vision in mind. They had plans to create a modernized neighborhood hangout for Tampa’s waterfront community and a national destination aimed to attract visitors from near and far.

From the original exposed brick walls and skylights to the windows and doors, SoHo breathed new life into this historic building, determined to recycle as many original materials as possible. They refinished the original steps leading up to the second-floor event space and reused the old roof, which was milled down and now serves hardwood flooring throughout the space.

Today, Armature Works is a 73,000 square foot mixed-use commercial space consisting of the Heights Public Market, modern event spaces, a coworking space, plus an eclectic (not to mention award-winning) selection of restaurants and bars.

Every year, millions of locals and tourists flock to this waterfront destination to gather, work, relax, or celebrate, and experience the best of Tampa in a new way, every day.