Armature Works History
From 1910 to Now

Armature Works Then

Armature Works dates back to 1910 when the building was constructed and occupied by its first company, Tampa Electric Co.


Also known as the TECO Streetcar Warehouse, it played a significant role for the City of Tampa as the repair and storage facility for the Tampa Electric Street and Railway Company (formerly known as The Streetcar Barn). The barn was part of Tampa’s development in connecting the surrounding neighborhoods.

In 1946, the system was abandoned for more modern means of transportation, the automobile. Tampa Armature Works, a phosphate machinery manufacturer, purchased the building from TECO in 1960. Today, the Armature Works still stands and has been repurposed to it’s originality, becoming a mixed-use commercial building.


Armature Works Now

For several years, partners Chas Bruck and Adam Harden have been working to create a very special project for Tampa’s waterfront community. Over time, each piece of the 43-acre riverfront property was acquired and plans drawn to create The Heights.

At the epicenter of The Heights is the Armature Works, a 73,000 square foot mixed use commercial space consisting of multiple event spaces, the Heights Public Market, a co-shared workspace as well as multiple restaurant and bars. The inside of the Armature Works features original exposed brick walls, skylights, windows and doors. Even the wood floors have beenrepurposed from the original wood planks from the ceiling.

Armature Works is located on the Hillsborough River and is truly a destination that attracts visitors from both local and far whether travelling by boat, bike or car.

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