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The transition from high school to college can be scary. When leaving high school and the confines of your own home and parents’ kitchen, you should arrive to college with one major skill: to know how to cook and feed yourself. Most students come to college with little to no knowledge of basic nutrition and even elementary culinary skills. Have you ever heard of the “Freshman 15”? When young adults go to college their parents are not there to feed them and guide their nutritional intake. This can be a recipe for disaster.

Chef Misha, Founder of The Health Warrior Project, comes to Armature Works in the hopes to teach people of all ages to cook highly nutritious and delicious on a low budget. Come join Misha and his team of Tampa Health Warriors as they discuss how you can take charge of your own health! Chef Misha will demonstrate ways to feed yourself with ease whilst on a budget as well as tips on how to hack your performance and general mood with implementation of key superfoods and habits. This is a crash course on “Functional Medicine” and “Functional Nurition“.


March 5, 2019
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm


Show + Tell at Armature Works
1910 N Ola Ave
Tampa, FL 33602 United States
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